BSc (ECS) Embedded System-II Semster 4th

Embedded System-II

Unit I: Classification of embedded Systems We can classify embedded systems into different categories w.r.t. size and real time requirement as given below, Embedded systems Small scale embedded system Medium scale embedded systems Sophisticated embedded system Real time embedded system Stand alone embedded system Mobile embedded systems Networked Embedded Systems Small scale embedded system Normally […]

BSc (ECS) Python - II Semester 6th


Unit – I Multithreading : This article covers the basics of multithreading in Python programming language. Just like multiprocessing, multithreading is a way of achieving multitasking. In multithreading, the concept of threads is used. Let us first understand the concept of thread in computer architecture. Thread In computing, a process is an instance of a computer program that is being executed. Any […]

Advanced Java BSc (ECS) Semester 6th

Advanced Java

Unit-I Networking: networking classes and interfaces Java supports TCP/IP both by extending the already established stream I/O interface introduced in Chapter 20 and by adding the features required to build I/O objects across the network. Java supports both the TCP and UDP protocol families. TCP is used for reliable stream-based I/O across the network. UDP […]